About Sparkle

Sparkle is a male-bodied, femme-identified genderqueer poet, faerie, nun, and queer health advocate based in Seattle. She is drawn to sparkly objects and seeks to embody the transformative power of glitter and love in action. He believes that the most radical and revolutionary act is learning to love our queer selves in all their magnificent glory. She identifies as an ex-Catholic Jew with a strong streak of Buddhist paganism. He has been a student at Bent, Seattle’s queer writing school, for the better part of a decade, and served for four years on Bent’s Board of Directors. She has performed on the stage of Bent’s Annual Mentor Showcase for the last five years and TumbleMe’s October 2009 production And God Said Come Inside. The Femme Family NYC published his piece, Gender Wishes in their Femme Family Zine #1: Coming Out in Fall 2009. In Fall 2010, she self-published her first chapbook, God’s Chin.


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